“Let’s Fabric Coffee” Highlighted in iFest 2015

(Photo) Left to Right: Louis Huang, Director General of TECO in Houston; Mrs. Huang; Sue Chiang, Board Member of Methodist Sugar Land; Allen Bogard, City Manager of Sugar Land; Sophie Chou, Director of Education Division of TECO in Houston

(Photo) Left to Right: Director Sophie Chou; KP George, Fort Bend ISD  Trustee; Director General Louis Huang; Mrs. Huang; Sue Chiang

(Photo) Working staff interacting with booth visitors

(Photo) Study in Taiwan information display board; Taiwanese muppets; Products made of coffee grounds and plastic bottles.

(Photo) Tourism brochures

(Photo) T-shirt made of coffee grounds

While every country highlighted its own unique traditional arts, foods and customs during the 10th Annual International Festival Sugar Land on November 7th, Taiwan highlighted its modern culture of eco-innovation by featuring T-shirts made of coffee grounds and plastic bottles.

Those coffee grounds shirts are both eco-friendly and functional with features such as odor control, fast-drying, UV-protection and temperature regulation. This material has been widely used in several name brands including Hugo Boss, the North Face, Timberland, Nike, Puma and Ralph Lauren. The T-shirt represents more than just fabric. Having long-been a global textile leader, Taiwan has progressed in its recycling technology and used it for producing high-quality fabrics from materials that were once considered “garbage.” To show its determination to combat climate change along with the rest of the international community, Taiwan is taking this chance to introduce its “can-do” spirit of innovation to make the future progressive and green by spotlighting the magic of turning coffee grounds and PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) plastic bottles into clothes.

In addition to the eco-innovation and high-tech, Taiwan booth was also presented with display board introducing top reasons to study in Taiwan with scholarship opportunities, decorations of tourism attractions posters, brochures, and displays of local cultural artifacts like Hakka fabric umbrellas, Taiwanese glove puppets, etc. An interactive activity with a “Quiz & Prize” box that granted small prizes to booth visitors who gave correct answers to questions attracted big crowds coming to Taiwan booth all day long.

According to the event organizer, Sugar Land City Hall, Texas, estimated 4,000 to 5,000 attendees visited the iFest Live 2015.

-November 10, 2015