實踐大學餐飲管理學系主任高秋英(1)師生、宜蘭傳藝老爺行旅執行辦公室經理游鏡怡(3)、與美國德州喬治基金會社區發展主任Dee Koch(4)合影
美國德州喬治基金會(The George Foundation)主任迪庫克(Dee Koch)應實踐大學餐飲管理學系高秋英主任邀請到台灣主持青年領導能力培育課程。從今年1212日起到15日,共為期4天的課程係採全英語授課,並且聚焦團隊合作與溝通能力,透過分組討論與情境模擬來進行實務訓練。共有大學部及研究所50名學生報名參加課程。

喬治基金會(The George Foundation)是以鼓勵青少年從事社區慈善志工服務為宗旨,特別強調培養青少年的學習溝通與團隊合作能力,進而學習如何回饋社區。迪庫克主任尤其喜歡與青年學生互動,本身因為女兒在越南工作的緣故,讓她對亞洲產生很大的興趣。經由駐休士頓台北經濟文化辦事處教育組的引介,開始與實踐大學有密切的教育交流往來。






 全美外語教學協會(The American on the Teaching of Foreign Language, ACTFL)主席暨奧克拉荷馬州教育廳世界語言部主任Desa Dawson於本(2017)1127日到123日應中華民國教育部邀請訪問台灣

Desa Dawson 主席此行身兼多重任務除代表奧克拉荷馬州教育廳與教育部國際及兩岸教育司畢祖安司長續簽教育合作備忘錄延續雙邊友好情誼之外亦訪問台灣華語文教學學會以及國家華語測驗推動工作委員會深入了解台灣華語教學及評量的發展現況希望台灣研發的華語能力測驗能夠與美國外語教學訂定的標準接軌

Desa Dawson主席也直接分享外語教學法強調外語學習者一週至少要與外語老師進行三次面對面的學習總時數也不能低於七十五分鐘才能達到學習的效果

Desa Dawson主席同時擔任奧克拉荷馬州教育廳世界語言部主任的職銜,強調原住民語言文化的重要,對原民文化的保存與發展尤其重視此行在台灣也走訪苗栗縣蟠桃國民小學與五位從美國到台灣偏鄉進行外語教學的老師座談


這次的台灣行讓Desa Dawson主席DIY親身體驗了膨風茶文化一瞥了台南保安宮廟會歡慶夜遊國華街巷弄小滿食堂看到了人民善良純樸的風情、一點一滴了解台灣

Desa Dawson主席與教育部國際及兩岸教育司畢祖安司長續簽教育合作備忘錄


教育部國際司陳立穎科長、中: Desa Dawson 主席、右來義高中主任陳冠洲

Desa Dawson 主席聚精會神體驗茶文化

University of St. Thomas “Gathering to Give” Promotes Taiwan

PHOTO: (left) Director Sophie Chou of Education Division of TECO in Houston and (right) President Max Castroparedes of CLCS at the University of St. Thomas pose for a photo in front of a Study in Taiwan banner

By Isabelle Chen
November 28, 2017

The president of a student club at the University of St. Thomas (UST), Max Castroparedez, showed up with almost Disneyesque smiles on his face at the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Houston at an early day of the 2017 Fall Semester for college students. He carried a big mission on his shoulders and was looking for sponsorship for an event on advertising the Chinese Language and Culture Association (CLCA) that he presides as a university freshman.

After gathering Max’s plans about promoting his club and details on the logistics for the event, TECO in Houston couldn’t be happier to support this exceptionally positive young man with great passions for the Chinese language he barely speaks as well as the culture he experiences solely through his Taiwanese friends. The event targeted on introducing Chinese language and Taiwanese cultures to students, faculty/staff of UST, and local communities.

The event date was set in September before the infamous Hurricane Harvey hit Houston at the end of August 2017. In the wake of Harvey, Max’s family became one of the thousands of households affected by the Storm. His family’s house was severely flooded that not only did they have to list the house but also lost literally everything to the flood. Rebuilding and getting back to a normal life takes time and money. Max even had to work three jobs to overcome the financial challenge caused by the flooding but he was not back away from making the event happen during his first semester at the UST. Despite all of the challenges, for the following four months, Max still presented himself at every meeting with TECO with same huge smiles on his face.

After Max’s restless hard works, the event was finally taken place on November 9 at the Campus Life Mall of UST, named “GATHERING TO GIVE”. All of its proceedings were to go to Harvey relief funds to support victims of the Storm. The event took its initial objective to the next level by reacting to the occurrence of a natural disaster in helping people in need to go through difficult times.

People showed up at the event to show their support for the Club, the Language, the Culture, and the Initiative. Foods couldn’t be tastier, the language couldn’t be friendlier, cultures couldn’t be closer, the message couldn’t be more powerful when people gather to give and care for each other. The event concluded with approximately 300 participants and received about US$3,500 monetary donations.

PHOTO: Display of the advertisement materials for Study in Taiwan

Photo: Dr. Richard Ludwick (center), president of University of St. Thomas attends the event

Photo: (left) Director Sophie Chou of Education Division of TECO in Houston, (center) Professor Yao-Yuan Yeh of Taiwan Study Program, and (right) Director Hans Stockton of the Center for International Studies at the University of St. Thomas present to support the event

Photo: Participants get in line for the Boba milk tea

Photo: Participants get in line for the Boba milk tea