Faculty Positions in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU)

Established in 1931 as a prominent national university in Tainan city of Taiwan, NCKU has been ranked #22 for Engineering subject (U.S. News-Education) and #51–100 for Engineering-Mechanical subject (QS) in global universities. The Department of Mechanical Engineering at NCKU invites applications for five tenure-track faculty positions (assistant, associate, or full professor). Appointments are to commence on Feb. 1, 2019. Applications are welcome from individuals with research experience in the traditional areas of mechanical engineering: thermo-fluids, solid mechanics, mechanical design, manufacturing technologies and material sciences, and control engineering; but preference will be given to the following areas: green energy engineering, intelligent machines, photonics/semiconductors and nanotechnology, advanced manufacturing (e.g. additive manufacturing and micro/nano-manufacturing), robotics and artificial intelligence, bioengineering, and mechanical engineering related fields or interdisciplinary fields.
Ideas and experience in innovative teaching will be an asset, while a strong research track record commensurate with the rank of appointment is essential. The successful candidates will be required to teach and supervise students at both undergraduate and graduate levels, and establish a strong, externally-funded research program. Candidates must have a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering or a closely-related field. Candidates should have a demonstrated track record of technical, academic (excellence, or promise of excellence, in teaching and scholarly research) and professional achievement appropriate to the level of their appointment. Eligible, successful applicants will be assisted in the application of a bonus award offered by the Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST), Taiwan. Preference will be given to those applicants who have received grant or award from the MOST Einstein program, Columbus program, or Ta-You Wu Memorial Award.
If interested, a complete application should include:
1.    A cover letter clearly indicating the rank for which the candidate wishes to be considered;
2.    A detailed curriculum vita highlighting career achievements, areas of research, teaching experience, list of publications and awards/honors, as well as research grants and students supervised (the last two items are especially important for the Associate or Full Professor position);
3.    Three reference letters (or sent by referee via regular mail or e-mail in PDF format to Chairman of the Search Committee);
4.    A copy of doctoral degree certificate, or a letter stating the expected graduation date with the signature of the applicant’s thesis advisor;
5.    Transcripts or academic records of both undergraduate and graduate studies (optional for applicants of Full professor position);
6.    A statement of teaching interests with course outlines;
7.    A statement of research plans detailing the intended projects to be pursued, envisioned resources, and external funding ideas to allow executing the research plans (maximum 3 pages).
8.    Other materials that help demonstrate the applicant’s accomplishments (such as certificates of awards, patents, etc.)

Complete application must be received before Aug. 31, 2018, by regular mail at the address below.
Professor Chao-Chieh Lan
Department of Mechanical Engineering
National Cheng Kung University
Tainan, Taiwan 70101
Phone: 886-6-2757575 ext. 62274
The application package should also be emailed using separate PDF files to Professor Chao-Chieh Lan, Chairman of the Search Committee (E-mail: cclan@mail.ncku.edu.tw)


本系誠徵專任教授5名(助理教授、副教授或教授職級)。應徵者需具有下列專長相關領域之博士學位並可支援本系教學;有經驗及具英語授課能力者尤佳,起聘日期為民國 1082 1 。凡符合行政院科技部「補助大專校院延攬特殊優秀人才措施」資格之新進教師,本系將協助其申請額外之彈性薪資補助。曾獲科技部「愛因斯坦培植計畫」、「哥倫布計畫」、或「吳大猷先生紀念獎」等補助獎勵者,本系優先考慮。
1.  綠色能源工程
2.  智慧機械與系統
3.  光電半導體及奈米科技
4.  先進製造(: 積層製造技術及微奈米製造)
5. 機器人與人工智慧(AI)
6. 生醫工程
7. 其他機械相關領域或跨領域專長

1.      履歷表及現職證明影本(請註明應徵職級)
2.      著作目錄及代表性研究論文(最多5)
3.    推薦函3(可由推薦人郵遞或由e-mail PDF檔方式寄至本系教師遴選委員會召集人)
4.      最高學歷證件影本或預定取得學位之證明
5.      成績單影本:大專()以上(申請教授職級以上者得免付)
6.      教學計畫書與可授課之課程大綱
7.      研究方向與研究計畫書(至多三頁)
8.      其他有助於申請之資料(如得獎與專利等)

有意者請於民國 107831日前(郵戳為憑)將上述資料備齊郵寄至: 

70101 臺南市東區大學路一號
召集人 藍兆杰教授收


電話:06-2757575 62109,傳真:06-2352973


Huayu 101, for Learning Mandarin Online

Taiwan’s Ministry of Education Launches Huayu 101, for Learning Mandarin Online

Taipei, Taiwan -- The Ministry of Education (MOE) announced the launch of Huayu 101, a new online Mandarin learning initiative, at the end of May. This is one of several to attract and motivate more young people to learn Mandarin in Taiwan.
Huayu 101 taps into learners’ interest in Taiwan and its culture. The designer of Huayu 101, Professor Chang Yuhsin from the University of Taipei, has been teaching Mandarin for more than 20 years. He and his team collected key basic survival phrases that people can immediately use, covering topics such as accommodation, shopping, ordering food, transport, and getting emergency help. Foreign students and travelers will find the material really useful in Taiwan and other Mandarin-speaking regions.
The MOE worked with Logan D. Beck, a YouTube enthusiast, to produce two videos about Taiwan’s culture and learning Mandarin: Dajia Mazu Pilgrimage, and Taiwan Night Market Street Food. The first video drew 50,000 views the night it was launched and it’s been watched more than 150,000 times since. Beck and a popular rice cake seller, Mr. Liu, attended the launch and showed some Huayu 101 video footage featuring them in a scene set in a night market.  
The global demand for Chinese language education led to the planning and implementation of the Eight-year Chinese Language Education Promotion Plan (2013–2020). Taiwan’s Chinese language education sector has been vigorously marketing itself internationally, and the Office of Global Mandarin Education (OGME) was set up to integrate the Chinese language education resources in Taiwan.
Another exciting initiative that similarly integrates Taiwan’s tourism resources and language learning resources is Mandarin On-the-Go. The MOE worked with the Ministry of Transportation and Communication Tourism Bureau, and the Small and Medium Enterprise Administration of the Ministry of Economic Affairs to create this new study-tour model.
You can find lots of information about both of these initiatives on the OGME website: https://ogme.edu.tw/Home/tw

Contact details:
Office of Global Mandarin Education OGME (OGME)
Chi Kuo-Ning

Tel No: +886-2-2391-1368 ext.1360 Email: c1360@csd.org.tw


Scholarship recipients meet up before departing for Taiwan

PHOTO (L to R): Scholarship Program Coordinator Isabelle Chen, Lucas Kliphon of HES, Director Sophie Chou of the Education Division, Jonathan Wang of Taiwan Scholarship, and Consular Officer Marcy Yu pose for a photo in the lobby of TECO in Houston

Each year, the Education Division of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in Houston organizes orientation for recipients of the Ministry of Education Taiwan Scholarship and Huayu Enrichment Scholarship (HES). The meeting provides the lucky students information on Taiwan, scholarship regulations, visa application requirements and gives recipients an opportunity to network with their future alumni.

The Education Division TECO in Houston provides services to eight U.S. states, including Arkansas, Colorado, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Texas. There are 20 recipients for both the Taiwan Scholarship and HES; however, only eight of the recipients live in Texas, and of that only three are located in Houston. Due to the geographical challenge, the dynamic of summer activities, and traveling plans for students, most recipients were unable to attend the event, held on June 21, 2018. Despite the challenges, two recipients, Lucas Kliphon with HES and Jonathan with the Taiwan Scholarship, managed to participate and found the experience extremely informative and fruitful.

Lucas and Jonathan have much in common. They are both recent college graduates of the class of 2018, alumni of the University of Texas at Austin, and have visited Taiwan before. However, they did not know each other until they met at orientation! When asked about their reasons for undertaking a long-term study in Taiwan, they responded almost in unison. There are so many countries in the world, but it is the place where they want to be. If possible, they would love to stay for work even after finishing their studies.

For recipients who were unable to attend the orientation in Houston, the necessary information was compiled in a download from the Education Division, TECO in Houston. Telephone and email are also open for consulting so as to accommodate other recipients.




國家地震工程研究中心黃世建主任也是國立台灣大學土木系教授,應邀在論壇中發表”SHEAR BEHAVIOR PREDICTION OF NON-DUCTILE-REINFORCED CONCRETE MEMBERS IN EARTHQUAKE”,探討建物的鋼筋混凝土抗剪行為與耐震設計。國家地震工程研究中心吳俊霖博士表示,雖然休士頓不是地震帶,但休士頓大學土木及環境工程系所在相關領域有長足的訓練及專業人才,具備與地震帶國家研究機構合作的能量。




臺灣獎助金Taiwan Fellowship


外交部於2010年成立臺灣獎助金,迄今共已錄取來自74國之808位學人。本獎助金旨在鼓勵全球對臺灣、兩岸關係、中國大陸、亞太區域及漢學研究等社會科學及人文領域有興趣之專家學者來我國各大學校院或學術機構進行研究,促進學術交流。另為配合「APEC獎學金倡議」(APEC Scholarship Initiative),本獎助金每年勻撥12個獎助金名額予APEC所屬開發中會員體之相關學者專家來臺進行駐點研究計畫。開放申請時間為2018年5月,受獎學人將自2019年1月起執行駐點研究計畫。




(二) 2019年度獎助線上申請期間自2018年5月1日至6月30日止。

     MOFA Taiwan Fellowship is established by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) to award foreign experts and scholars interested in researches related to Taiwan, cross-strait relations, mainland China, Asia-Pacific region and Sinology to conduct advanced research at universities or academic institutions in Taiwan. Up to now, there have been 808 scholars from 74 countries being accepted by this program. MOFA Taiwan Fellowship, echoing the APEC Scholarship Initiative, provides 12 Chinese Taipei APEC Fellowship openings per year exclusively for scholars and experts from developing APEC economies.  The application process will begin in May 2018, and recipients will begin their research in Taiwan in January 2019.

1.Financial assistance
(1) Monthly grants are paid at the beginning of every month.
a. Professors, associate professors, research fellows, or associate research fellows: NT$60,000.
b. Assistant professors, assistant research fellows, or doctoral candidates: NT$50,000.
(2) One round-trip, economy-class ticket for the most direct route to Taiwan (The subsidy will be decided by MOFA in accordance with the relevant regulations).
(3) The terms of fellowship are 3 to 12 months.
(4) Accident insurance (plus a medical insurance for accidental injuries) coverage of NT$1 million.

Recipients shall be foreign professors, associate professors, assistant professors, post-doctoral researchers, doctoral candidates, or doctoral program students at related departments of overseas universities, or are research fellows at an equivalent level in academic institutions abroad.

(1)Fellowship administrator: Center for Chinese Studies at National Central Library: http://ccs.ncl.edu.tw/
(2)The year of 2018 online application period will be from May 1 to June 30, 2018.
(3)Contact person: Ms. Aurora Lee
      Tel: +886-2-2361-9132 #317
      Fax: +886-2-2371-2126


E-NEWS: Study in Taiwan

Program contact:
Telephone: +886-2-2236-8225 ext. 4216 or 4217
E-mail: moe.sitdatabase@gmail.com



(一) 理學院現有數學系(含碩士班、應用數學碩士班、統計科學碩士班、數學科學博士班)、地球與環境科學系(含碩士班、地震學碩士班、地震學博士班)、物理學系(含碩士班、博士班)、化學暨生物化學系(含碩士班、博士班)生物醫學科學系(含分子生物碩士班、分子生物博士班、生物醫學碩士班)。
(二) 理學院現有專任教師94(含教授46人、副教授35人、助理教授13),兼任教師14(含教授7人、助理教授7);學生1,278(包括研究所碩士班學生312人、博士班學生51人、大學部學生915)。行政人員計有21(含編制人員6人、專案工作人員12人、工友3)
(三) 理學院教師的學術研究表現已在學術界受到相當程度的肯定,未來將規劃成立科學教育中心,協助辦理校內外各類型的科學教育活動,並強調理論與實務整合,鼓勵學生組織跨領域之研究團隊,培養學生跨領域溝通與合作的能力與經驗。
(四) 理學院之詳細介紹,請參閱網址:http://science.ccu.edu.tw/
電 話:(05)272041118110、+886-5-2721083
傳 真:(05)2720560



照片:駐休士頓辦事處處長陳家彥(右1)、教育組周組長慧宜(左2)、奧斯汀德州大學亞洲研究系主任Martha Shelby(左1)、臺灣研究計畫主持人張誦聖教授(右2)亮約合影

駐休士頓辦事處處長陳家彥於本(2018)年本5月24日在副處長林映佐及教育組組長周慧宜陪同下赴奧斯汀德州大學(University of Texas - Austin)出席教育部與該校亞洲系合作推動之「臺灣研究」第四期計畫簽約典禮。

期間適逢「北美洲臺灣研究學會2018年會(North American Taiwan Studies Association 2018 Annual Conference)」於奧斯汀德州大學舉行,今年的年會有6場圓桌論壇、56篇論文發表、來自7個國家160餘人出席,藉臺灣研究計畫簽署儀式揭開年會序幕,除擴大宣傳效應,更誌賀該校「臺灣研究」十年有成。

該校臺灣研究計畫從2009年開始迄今共三期,每期3年。今年邁入第10年,展開第四期新的5年計畫。計畫合約由教育部授權駐休士頓辦事處教育組組長周慧宜代表與德州大學亞洲系臺灣研究計畫主持人張誦聖教授共同簽署。陳家彥處長除致詞並見證簽署外,亦代表教育部致贈奧斯汀德州大學圖書館藏書一批共122冊,期進一步豐富該校臺灣研究藏書。簽約典禮除了有研討會與會成員、亞洲系主任Martha Selby、圖書館學術部主任Catherine Hamer等教職人員外,僑務促進委員廖施仁、臺灣同鄉會多位理事及奧斯汀當地僑界領袖近百餘人均出席這項盛會。

照片:駐休士頓辦事處處長陳家彥(右)代表教育部致贈奧斯汀德州大學圖書館學術部主任Catherine Hamer(左)國家圖書館圖書ㄧ批




休士頓藝術聯盟(Art League Houston)由一群16人藝術家於1948年創立而成,迄今已有70年歷史,旨在提供一個當地藝術家創作空間及藝術展覽的藝廊場所,同時透過多元的、有活力的及具創意的活動,將藝術與社區結合,讓人們有觀看、接觸及談論現代視覺藝術機會,為休士頓最老的非營利組織之一,其於1953年成為非營利組織,有會員300位,並於休士頓的赫曼公園(Hermann Park)舉辦了成立以來的第一場戶外藝術活動;成立初期贊助了許多展覽及演講活動,包括:於酢漿草飯店(Shamrock Hotel)舉辦的年度「春季藝術節(Spring Arts Festival)」。

休士頓藝術聯盟於1956年時募得足夠的資金建造其第一棟永久建物,該建築由建築師保羅˙伊利特(Paul Elliot)設計,後經土地租借買賣等波折,最後遷至現址並於1968年成立成人藝術學校。

1973年時,休士頓藝術聯盟會員達780位;1983年成立「年度德州藝術家獎(Texas Artist of the Year Award)」,6年後擴增獎項,包含:「年度德州傑出貢獻獎(Texas Patron of the Year)」。該聯盟於199年成立免費「藝術治療課程(Healing Arts program)」,提供課程給患有愛滋病的成人,並於1995年將課程開放給患有其他疾病的成人,包括:癌症(cancer)、多發性硬化症(Multiple Sclerosis)、纖維肌痛症(fibromyalgia)以及肢體障礙者。今(2018)518日舉辦的「年度夢圖思藝術慶典(Annual Montrose Art Party)」,為藝術治療課程募得了2萬美元的善款。

該聯盟於2005年發起大型募款活動募得1百萬美元,建造一全新佔地6千英呎的現代化建築。募款期間聯盟邀請藝術家丹˙海渥(Dan Havel)與迪恩˙洛克(Dean Ruck)將該聯盟的舊建築改造成現代裝置藝術,作品名為「反轉倒置(Inversion)」。

休士頓藝術聯盟建築物於2007年由建築師爾文˙菲利浦(Irving Phillips)設計建造,於2008年開幕,並成立「奔向藝術!(ArtBound!)」,提供在學的視覺藝術系學生免費駐點工作室,同時做為專業藝術家教師為休士頓獨立學區(Houston Independent School District)低收入戶家庭學生較多的小學(Title I elementary schools)開設藝術課程。

休士頓藝術聯盟於2013年成立「終身成就獎(Lifetime Achievement Award)」以表揚畢生貢獻給視覺藝術的德州藝術家,該聯盟於同年慶祝其成立65週年。其四大核心價值為創造力(Creativity)、學習(Learning)、服務(Service)以及演化(Evolution),說明如下:
l   創造力:創造力是引發人們對事物產生興趣的來源,同時也促進人與人之間互動與瞭解的催化物。
l   學習:課程提供給人們學習藝術、認識自己與瞭解他人的機會。
l   服務:為社區帶來福祉與貢獻為依歸,改善人們的生活品質,為城市注入活動。
l   演化:其藝術版圖與城市一同成長,緬懷過去,展望未來。

Art League Houston-- June 12, 2018