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Established since 2018, the International College of Innovation (ICI) is the first college in Taiwan aims at promoting innovative education for global studies and management. We provide professional, integrated, and comprehensive trainings that encompass various disciplines supported by the core values in our bachelor degree program— The Governance and Management for Global Development, Interdisciplinary Studies, and Information Intelligence. These three silos of ICI courses are designed to enhance students’ ability for all professions and alike in the fields such as social sciences, international laws, business analysis and data sciences.
We invite leaders and stakeholders from governmental, private and 3rd- party institutes to give regular lectures and seminars so that students can be well-versed in target fields whether for research or future career placements. Students at ICI can specialize in a chosen second languages (such as Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Japanese, and Korean) to upscale their language capabilities.
The ICI International Bachelor Degree features Cross-disciplinary Studies, plenty of opportunities for overseas exchanges and internships. ICI also offer multiple schemes for scholarship and stipends. Successful applicants will get to receive o USD 5,000 per year and tuition waivers. 
Spring Admission Intake: Sep. 24, 2020 ~ 5pm, Nov. 19, 2020(Taiwan Time)
📌Admission Pamphlet: https://bit.ly/30YFhmz
📌Spring Admission Brochure: https://bit.ly/3dkHZYt
📌Online Application Portal: https://bit.ly/3lHcdrt
📧ICI Website: ici@nccu.edu.tw
Contact Ms. Austen
Ms. Austen Wei
Email: tf.wei@nccu.edu.tw
Tel: +886-2-2939-3091 (Ext. 62787)
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