2021Global Youth Trends Forum|2021年全球青年趨勢論壇

🔴 2021Global Youth Trends Forum🔴 The star-studded panelists are going to meet you online on Oct. 9 (Sat.) ▶ Academician of Academia Sinica, Dr. Chen Chien-Jen ▶ Co-chair & co-convenor of Learning Creates Australia and the former CEO of Foundation for Young Australians, Ms. Jan Owen ▶ Ambassador of One Young World and Founder and CEO of MindMapper UK, Ms. Meg Zeenat Wamithi ▶ Senior Writer & English website editor of CommonWealth Magazine Ms. Kwangyin Liu ✲ Moderator: The hosts of Morning Taiwan Glocal News Club, Catherine and Howard, will be the moderators. There will also be Chinese subtitles during the live streaming. Leave the comment on our Facebook fan page. Share your thought and feedback during the pandemic: https://reurl.cc/jgDrkq Learning and Education: https://reurl.cc/Kr0lK9 Social Innovation (e.g. employment): https://reurl.cc/Q6XEnq Mental Health: https://reurl.cc/n5DvV1 And more, which heavy hitters will be the panelists on Nov. 13 (Sat.)? We are going to keep you hanging. If you want to know more information, just follow the Global Youth Trends Forum~ ▎Next date of live streaming: Nov. 13 (Sat.) 10:10-12:30 (UTC+8) For detailed information, please follow ▎Event Page: https://bit.ly/3tFpJ4b ▎Official Website: https://bit.ly/3EbGs4c

🔴 2021全球青年趨勢論壇🔴 10/9 (六)超強卡司陣容與你相見 中央研究院 陳建仁 Chen Chien-Jen 院士 Learning Creates Australia創辦人暨澳大利亞青年基金會前執行長 #Jan_Owen One Young World青年大使暨MindMapper UK創辦人 Meg Zeenat Wamithi 天下雜誌英文網站主編暨天下雜誌資深撰述 劉光瑩 小姐 ✲ 主持:全球串連早安新聞 ClubHouse 主持人 路怡珍 & 浩爾  ⠀  中文字幕同步放送   歡迎一起來全球青年趨勢論壇臉書粉專留言交流,抒發疫情下的心得與感想:https://reurl.cc/jgDrkq 教育學習:https://reurl.cc/Kr0lK9 社會創新(含就業):https://reurl.cc/Q6XEnq 心理健康:https://reurl.cc/n5DvV1 還有還有,11/13 (六) 場次的重磅級與談人會有誰呢? 先讓小編賣個關子。欲知詳情,持續追蹤 全球青年趨勢論壇 Global Youth Trends Forum 就對啦~ ▎下回直播預告:11/13 (六) 10:10-12:30 (UTC+8) 詳情請關注 ▎活動頁面:https://bit.ly/3tFpJ4b ▎官方網站:https://bit.ly/3EbGs4c