2017 Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language ran well in Greater Houston area

The Education Division of Taipei Economic and Culture Office in Houston held the 2017 Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) in Houston on March 21 and 25, 2017. There were 93 examinees from multiple universities, high schools and Chinese language schools with diverse background that participated in this exam this year in the Greater Houston area. The examinee population of TOCFL is quite diverse, including Chinese, Caucasian, Hispanic, Vietnamese, etc.

The TOCFL took place at the testing center of the University of Houston- Downtown. The testing center is equipped for computerized tests, and under the administration of the professional testing service staff. Instead of taking the paper-based test and waiting for the transcript to be mailed from Taiwan, taking more than a month, the test results will be shown on the computer screen right after the test takers are finished the test through the internet-based testing system. And with the individual audio system, the test takers will no longer get disturbed by others during the listening comprehension test.

The Education Division has conducted the TOCFL in the Greater Houston area for 9 years. This test is intended for people who want to evaluate their Chinese proficiency, to study, work, or to do business in Chinese-speaking countries. The TOCFL has been recognized by more and more Taiwan-funded enterprises, and has become a requirement for the international recruitment of these enterprises worldwide.