2020 Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest

Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest is a 72-hour non-stop competition. Students have to design and create a real product from your own design. This is the requirement of the main project. Students can find all the past examples at the official website.

Intelligent Ironman Creativity Contest wants students to utilize what they have learned in school creatively, and to challenge theirself and create their own magic. During the contest, everyone can surf the Internet (the participants can use intranet only) to know each teams performance and their record at each side task.

Students registering high schools or vocational high schools can form a team. It is advised to have team mates in different disciplines.
  • A team should have minimum 4 and maximum 6 members.
  • Due to the needs of knowledge from natural sciences, social science and other ability such as implementation, creativity, and physical strength, it is recommended that team member should specialize in different aspects.
  • One team stands for each country. For those countries holding the preliminary contest with the team number exceeding 50, one more quota will be given.
  • At least six international teams will be accepted. If the number of teams exceeds the host can accommodate, countries holding preliminary contest have higher priority. Remaining quota will be given to teams registering earliest.
  • The official language is English.
  • Each team may bring one evaluation committee member.
Requesting for assistance (explanation, preliminary)
April 30, 2020
Registration deadline (by Postmark or email)
May 31, 2020
July 30 - Aug 2, 2020
Check-in & Rule explanation
Evening, July 27, 2020
One day local tour
July 28, 2020
Social activity for all Teams
July 29, 2020
Opening ceremony & Team jubilating & Evening banquet
Evening, July 29, 2020
Contest time
8AM of July 30, 2020 (72-hour non-stop) to 8AM of Aug 2, 2020
Project Evaluation
9AM to 2PM, Aug 2, 2020
Award presentation ceremony & Closing ceremony
Afternoon, Aug 2, 2020


  • Champion: NT$150,000 (approx. 4,600 USD)
  • Second place: NT$80,000 (approx. 2,500 USD)
  • Third place: NT$50,000 (approx. 1,500 USD)
  • Best Task Tackler Award: NT$80,000 (approx. 2,500 USD)
  • Creative Jubilating Award: NT$10,000 (approx. 300 USD)