Chinese Learning Experience - Mori Ambeau

Ms. Abbie Wang (Left 1) gives a Mandarin Chinese lesson at the Isidore Newman School

Reasons why I wanted to learn Chinese
by Mori Ambeau 
April 10, 2018

Teacher: Abbie Wang
Class: Chinese II
School: Isidore Newman School, New Orleans, Louisiana

When I was offered to take Mandarin Chinese as my language when I arrived to Newman, I immediately had a strong interest and accepted the offer. Now after having almost two years of experience with the language, I’m happy I made the decision to take the class. I love how unique and extraordinary the Chinese culture is as a whole.  Learning a more uncommon taught language in American schools was more special than the basic Spanish and French because it made me feel like people would notice that about me and would think it’s interesting. When people heard I was taking Chinese, they would often say, “Oh my gosh, Chinese seems so cool and exotic,” or I’d get told, “That language seems impossible, it looks like lots of unnecessary symbols,” but I just feel like they should take the opportunity to come out their comfort zone, just like I did. Another reason I wanted to take Chinese is because Taiwan seems to interesting to visit and I love how intelligent and wealthy the country was as a whole and hope to visit there one day. A fact about Taiwan that I find interesting is the meaning behind the country’s flag: the blue stands for nationalism and liberty, the red represents livelihood and togetherness and the white stands for democracy and equality, which is really cool and defines Taiwan and the people.

我的名字是安茉睿可是我喜歡大家叫我茉睿。我是十年級的學,我學習中文兩年了。我住在路易斯安那州的紐澳良。我Isidore Newman School上學。我雖然可以說中文說得很好可是我覺得我可以寫中文寫得更好。我最喜歡的顏色是藍色和綠色。我最喜歡的菜是炒麵和雞肉。
A female student is writing Chinese calligraphy