Sentimental Landscapes Glow from the Hands of Young Taiwanese Artists

Participants of the luncheon mingle with each other

The island, given the name Ilha Formosa by Portuguese mariners in the 16th century, is now home to the people of Taiwan. Inspired by their ancestor’s early lives as hard working, new immigrants, a group of young Taiwanese artists incorporated Asian cultures with local life in Taiwan to create stunning art pieces. They presented that sentiment in visual forms to communicate with their audience; thus, Sentimental Landscapes became the topic of their exhibition.

The works feature media ranging from oil paint, acrylic paint, watercolor, ink, clay, wood, metal to multimedia. The works take forms such as traditional paintings, sculptures, public art installation to contemporary action art. Topics include visible objects like the human body, birds, and flowers to abstract concepts such as interstellar space and fictional scenery. Not only are the artists professionally trained and naturally talented, they are also award winners. With years of international art exhibition experience, they have turned their canvases into story boards that beautifully and adeptly voice the history and culture of Taiwan. This year, they have reached out to Houston with great passion; using their art to introduce Taiwan to the Greater Houston Area.

Whether through the vehicle of education or other means, the Education Division of TECO in Houston never turns away from an opportunity to promote Taiwan. The office organized a meeting hosted by Director-General Peter Chen of TECO in Houston to welcome the representative of the group, Mr. Chung Ying Hou. The welcome and fundraising luncheon was held at the Rice University Faculty Club on January 29, 2018. Community leaders known as strong supporters of the arts also attended.

The prospective exhibition in Houston is expected to take place at the end of 2018. An estimated 500 attendees will engage in the grand opening and exhibition. The goal of the event is raise awareness of appreciation for art as well as for Houstonians to learn about the beautiful island, Taiwan, through the exhibits of the Sentimental Landscapes.