Teaching in Taiwan Program

Applications are accepted between March 1 and April 30 every year.

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In an effort to enhance the English learning environments for school-aged children, Taiwan Ministry of Education has been actively recruiting qualified American teachers for teaching in K-9 public schools in Taiwan.

The goals of the program are to broaden English immersion experiences to Taiwan's young minds and to establish inter-school relationships between Taiwan and the United States. Applicants with a bachelor’s degree or higher and valid teaching licenses issued by a State's Department of Education in the US are welcome to apply.

Benefits for each teacher may include the subsidy of round-trip airfare, housing stipend, overtime pay, insurance, and monthly salary remunerated upon their educational background, teaching experience, and scope of job duties. However, these benefits may be varied from district to district. The intangible benefits teachers would receive include intimate exposure to the rich heritage and natural beauty of Taiwan as well as to the world-renowned cuisine and local delicacies.

The program duration is one academic year basis from August of the year of application to July of the following year. Contracts may be renewed subject to agreements between teachers and schools.

New Teacher Orientation
Notice of acceptance will be sent to successful candidates at the end of May of the year of application. Taiwan Ministry of Education will facilitate an orientation in the middle of August upon teachers' arrival in Taiwan. Information on the orientation will be distributed to teachers before their departures to Taiwan. The agenda of the orientation may include:

  • Introduction of life in Taiwan
  • Differences between Taiwan and USA
  • Frequently asked questions including taxes, housing, mobile phones, driver license, banking account, etc.
  • Useful information for foreign teachers in Taiwan
  • Short lessons of survival Chinese
  • Workshop for teaching English in Taiwan including a lesson plan, classroom management, etc.
  • Excursions to cultural sites

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Teaching in Taiwan
Frequently Asked Questions

Q/A   What is the Teaching in Taiwan program?
This program provides experienced and newly licensed American teachers the opportunity to teach in Taiwanese schools for one academic year.  Participants will work with local Taiwanese teachers to develop a curriculum and teach English to students in grade levels 1 to 9.
Q/A   Who is eligible to participate?
Any licensed American teacher may apply to participate in this program.  This includes experienced teachers or new teachers with an initial teaching license. Preference will be given to applicants who are experienced in teaching English as a native language or teaching English as a second language.
Q/A   What are the requirements?
All applicants must:
1.         have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher,
2.         be a certified teacher,
3.         commit to abide by the laws and regulations of the Republic of China (Taiwan),
4.         be competent in interpersonal and communication skills,
5.         demonstrate understanding and be respectful of the local culture.
Q/A   How do I apply for the program?
To apply for the Teaching in Taiwan program, you’ll need to complete and submit a brief application package.  You can get a copy of this application package at http://www.moetw.org/ (Please look for “Teaching in Taiwan” on the left side of the webpage.)
All applications must be received at the address provided in the application package no later than April 30 every year
Q/A   How many teachers will be accepted for this program?
Each year, a selection committee from Taiwan MOE will choose about 80 teachers to participate in this program
Q/A   If I’m selected, how long will I be in Taiwan?
All teachers selected to participate in this program will sign a 12-month contract with school or local government to teach in Taiwan.  The contract runs from August to July of the following year.
Q/A    What will my work week be like?
Teachers are required to work 40 hours a week, 8 hours a day, 5 days a week.
Q/A   What would my responsibilities be in Taiwan?
Each American teacher will be paired with a Taiwanese classroom teacher. 
In addition to providing English language instruction, each American teacher will work with Taiwanese educators to develop a curriculum, prepare lesson plans and teaching materials, conduct classes, and evaluate student progress.
Q/A   How will I be compensated for my work in Taiwan?
Teachers who participate in this program will receive compensation on round-trip air tickets, monthly salary, housing stipend, health insurance, and labor insurance.
Each teacher’s salary level will be determined based on his/her teaching experience and education. Salary ranges are from TWD62,720 to TWD73,025 per month. **Note: Exchange rate for United States Dollar (USD) to Taiwan Dollar (TWD) is estimated 1USD to 30TWD. The actual exchange rate is subject to change.**
Teachers who receive a grade “A” performance after 12 months of teaching in the program will be provided a bonus equivalent to one month salary.
Q/A   What are living costs in Taiwan?
Total expenses for a month could be as little as US$550, for a single.  However, it is more realistic to expect US$690 to $850 per month.
Q/A   Where will I live in Taiwan?

Schools or local government will help with housing/dormitory arrangement for teachers, whichever is applicable. Otherwise, a rent allowance will be provided as a stipend.