Taiwan Visiting Chinese Lecturer Program

(Taiwan Visiting Chinese Lecturer Program)


Taiwan is world-renown for Chinese language teaching and learning. In order to promote international educational exchange, the Ministry of Education (MOE) in Taiwan, in cooperation with higher educational institutions around the world, sponsors the “Taiwan Visiting Chinese Lecturer Program.”

This program encourages Taiwan’s professional Chinese language lectures to teach at colleges and universities overseas. These lecturers are highly qualified, having attained undergraduate or postgraduate degrees, as well as certificates for teaching Chinese as a foreign language, issued by the Ministry of Education in Taiwan.

The general practice of the program is outlined as follows:
I   Application Procedures:
Interested higher educational institutions submit requests for the program to the nearest Taiwan representative office (TECO), which will be forwarded in turn to the Ministry of Education in Taiwan. These requests should include the following details: job description with qualifications, Chinese program overview, curriculum, teaching hours, salary, hiring period, application deadline, etc.

Upon approval from the Ministry of Education, the request for eligible Chinese lecturers will be forwarded to the Association of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (ATCSL) for selection and recommendation. The recommended candidates’ applications will then be sent to the inquiring institutions for approval. If possible, interviews may be arranged in Taiwan via phone or over the internet, for example.
II   Provisions from the Participating U.S. Higher Educational Institutions   
(1)   The institution pays the lecture’s salary and adheres to all relative regulations that may apply. 
(2)   The institution assists the lecture in obtaining their U.S. visa. 

III  Grant from the Ministry of Education:   
    The grant from the Ministry of Education includes:

(1) Round-trip airfare. 
(2) Living allowance of up to $1200 USD per month, to cover minimum living costs.
(3)   $300 USD for educational materials.  

IV  Other

The grant is initially for one year but can be extended for a second year if amenable to both parties. The living allowance for the second year can also be provided.

V   For further information, please contact:
    Education Division, TECO in Houston
    E-mail: houston @moetw.org
    Tel: (713) 871-0851
    Fax: (713)871-0854