2013 “Taiwan International Student Design Competition’’ now opens for entries

The 6th Taiwan International Student Design Competition is now open!
Sincerely thank all the students, advisors and guests who have joined us in the past years. With your support and participation, the world of innovation and design becomes more and more prosperous. It is very inspiring to learn that in 2012, we received over 3400 entries from 516 schools and departments in 35 countries around the world!

The theme for this year has been selected as “Sights and Sounds”. Today, with the advancement of the internet and digital media, everyone strives to make their voice heard through megaphones and social networks. However, we often just end up talking to ourselves because we have forgotten to pay heed to what others are saying. Just open your senses and feel this world. With your eyes and ears, you will find things you have never noticed. Seize the sights and sounds”, then turn them into your design!
This year, in order to welcome more talented student designers to join this competition, we lift the maximum limit of age to 30 years-old. Furthermore, besides the original categories “Product Design”, “Visual Design”, and “Digital Animation”, a new “Brand Specified” category is added, expecting to develop deeper connections with the industry and bring out more innovative sparkles.
Submissions for this year’s competition open from 1st June to 15th August. Please register and upload your works on our official website. We look forward to knowing more about the “Sights and Sounds” of future design stars!

Theme & Competition Procedure
Encourage international creative design exchange, develop creative design talents, express the international image of Taiwan attaching great importance to creative design, and establish the international design status of Taiwan.
Sight and Sounds
They say, this is the age of cacophony.
In the social network, every hand holds a megaphone, everyone strives to make their voice heard. But often we just end up talking to ourselves. Because we have forgotten to pay heed to what others are saying.
Open your senses! With your nose, hear the tears of dolphins. With your ears, gather the taste of running water. Let your tongue see those fighting for justice, and your skin breathe in the rhythm of the run, and your eyes open wide and swallow the forest in a single glance.
Have you found it yet?
A tail wind blowing tidings from the Amazon—in the blink of an eye you see distant Kilimanjaro…
Open your eyes, and you will see. Lend your ears, and listen…
We are rays of light passing through the pupil. We are the wind on a summer day.
We must not miss this world.
Sights and Sounds
Students who currently enroll at senior high schools or above. (Based on the internet registration deadline, and the participant must be born after May 31 1983, and be younger than 30 years of age. For female who had given birth before year of 30 may have 2 years extension per birth.)
Product Design, Visual Design, Digital Animation, and Brand Specified.
Participating Works
The creative design of the competition theme “Sights and Sounds” must be expressed in the participating pieces.
**Brand specified category: Creative designs which express the competition theme “Sights and Sounds” and also fulfill the design requirements of the brand
Online Registration and Online Work Submission DeadlineJune 1, 2013 to August 15, 2013, 24:00 (Taipei GMT+08:00)
Preliminary Selection/
Finalists Announcement
Early September, 2013
Deadline for Final Selection submission (include mockup, printout and disc submission for each category)October 15, 2013, 17:00 (Taipei GMT+08:00), the submission from Taiwan must arrive at the deadline date while the submission from overseas is validated by postmark but have to arrive in our office no later than 1 week from the deadline.
Final SelectionEarly November, 2013
Award Ceremony and ExhibitionLate December, 2013
Registration Fee