Research Grant for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies-外籍學人赴臺研究漢學獎助

Center of Chinese Studies (CCS)-Research Grant for Foreign Scholars in Chinese Studies:

  1. The program is aimed at foreign professors, associate professors, assistant professors (including post-doctoral researchers) and doctoral candidates in Chinese studies-related departments at foreign universities, as well as researchers at related foreign academic institutes.The research should be undertaken in Taiwan, and be focused mainly on Taiwan or Chinese studies.
  2. CCS provides assistance with research expenses, research materials, liaison with universities and research institutions, and use of CCS facilities, etc.
  3. Research tenure is three months to one year.
  4. Applications should be submitted to CCS by May 31 of each year before the year in which grants are intended to be used; notification of CCS’s decision will be given by the end of August of the same year after a careful review.
  5. Eligibility for travel subsidy is restricted to foreign scholars who currently reside abroad; we regret that scholars already in Taiwan are ineligible.
  6. Subsidies available under the Research Grant Program are as follows:
  • Travel subsidy: One direct round trip economy class air ticket from the domicile of the grant recipient to Taipei will be provided by CCS. Travel expenses will be reimbursed upon arrival in Taiwan on the basis of the ticket stub and receipt.
  •  Research subsidy: Paid to grant recipients at the beginning of each month and divided into four levels: professor, associate professor, assistant professor (including post-doctoral researcher), and doctoral candidate.

For further details on the program, visit Center of Chinese Studies, or contact program coordinator Ms. Liau at +886-2-2361-9132 extension 352, or e-mail: liaujane@ncl.edu.tw.


  1. 申請截止日期:2016年5月31日
  2. 對象:獎助國外大學及學術機相關系所之外籍教授、副教授、助理教授(含博士後研究)、博士候選人,赴臺從事學術研究。
  3. 研究主題:以漢學或臺灣研究為原則研究期間為3個月至1年不等。由漢學研究中心提供來回機票(經濟艙)和每月研究補助費(教授每月新臺幣6萬元整,副教授每月新臺幣5萬元整,助理教授(博士後研究)及博士候選人每月新臺幣4萬元整)。