National Taiwan University (NTU) 2022 February Entry Graduate Applications for international students are now open

Application Period:  August 2, 2021 - October 7, 2021, 4pm

(Taiwan/Taipei Time, UTC +08:00)


I. Programs and Admission Quotas

For information on available programs, quotas, application requirements and related regulations for international degree students for 2022 February entry, please refer to the NTU Office of International Affairs (OIA) website— 2021/2022 Application Requirements and Admission Quotas for International Degree Students.


II. Program Duration

A. Master programs shall be completed within 1 to 4 years.

B. PhD programs shall be completed within 2 to 7 years.


III. Entry Requirements

International students who meet the following requirements are eligible to apply:

A. Nationality: An individual of foreign nationality who has never held the status of an Overseas Chinese student on the date of application, and who complies with the “Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan” of the Ministry of Education (MOE).


B. Qualification: International students with a high school diploma or documents of equivalent educational level are eligible to apply for undergraduate programs, a Bachelor’s degree or documents of equivalent educational level for Master programs, and a Master’s degree or documents of equivalent educational level for PhD programs.


IV. Important Information about Applying

A. Only online applications shall be accepted. Please first complete the online application, and then upload all the relevant documents before the deadline. Hard copy applications/documents will not be accepted.

B. Each applicant may apply for up to five departments/graduate institutes. Where an applicant receives more than one admission offer, they can only choose one

department/graduate institute to enroll in.

C. Some departments/graduate institutes may require oral/written examinations or

interviews. Please refer to 2021/2022 Application Requirements and Admission Quotas for International Degree Students.

D. Applicants must read these guidelines (including application requirements for each department/graduate institute) carefully before applying and making the payment to avoid the application cancellation or admission cancellation due to loss of qualification.

E. Where an international student who has applied for or has received an admission offer from NTU violates any regulations of the MOE “International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan,” or where any of the documents and qualifications submitted is found to be fraudulent, forged, fabricated, altered, or invalid, their application or admission offer will be canceled immediately. If the said student is already enrolled, the 2 applicant will be subject to a revocation of enrollment, or a revocation of graduation qualifications and cancellation of NTU diploma. No academic certificate whatsoever will be issued.


V. Application Procedures

A. Online Application

1. Please go to the following website for Online Application System:

https://www.ntu.edu.tw/english/index.html >> Admissions >> Overseas Students >>


VII. Scholarships

NTU provides a variety of scholarships for international degree students. Applicants will be asked whether to apply for NTU scholarships during the online degree application. No extra documents are needed. Please note that Taiwan Scholarship awardees are not allowed to apply for NTU scholarships. For more details about scholarships, please refer to the OIA website Scholarships for Prospective Students.


Graduates from all around the globe are welcome to apply. For further information, please refer to our admissions website. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at intadmission@ntu.edu.tw.


Document Download:

International Applications – Degree Admissions | National Taiwan University (ntu.edu.tw)

2021-22-Admission-Guidelines-for-Intl-Degree-Students-2nd-Semester-Entry_2021.07.28.pdf (ntu.edu.tw)

2021/2022 Application Requirements and Enrollment quota for International Degree Students (ntu.edu.tw)

Regulations Regarding International Students Undertaking Studies in Taiwan - Article Content - Laws & Regulations Database of The Republic of China (moj.gov.tw)

National Taiwan University Office of International Affairs Scholarships (ntu.edu.tw)

Scholarships – Degree Admissions | National Taiwan University (ntu.edu.tw)