Huayu 101, Your Best Online Resources for Learning Mandarin Chinese

TAIPEI, Taiwan – Huayu 101, an online Mandarin Chinese learning platform established by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education (MOE) for foreigners on short-term stays in Taiwan, has launched six new learning scenarios this year for Chinese language learners.

Commissioned by the MOE in 2017, the University of Taipei has developed six chapters of learning scenarios that collect dialogues for everyday Chinese, encompassing “Greetings,” “Accommodation,” “Shopping,” “Order,” “Transportation,” and “Asking for help.”

This year, it added more everyday conversations to Huayu 101, including “City tour,” “Arts and cultural activities,” “Call and reservation,” “Exchange,” “Making friends,” and “Hospital and post office.”

The e-learning materials select the most practical conversations based on experiences of students from different countries, with scenarios spanning greetings, making friends, tourism, business, transportation, accommodation, shopping, reservation, and hospital. These sentences are dubbed by Taiwanese teachers and allow users to change the vocabularies they would like to practice for different scenarios.

Moreover, each text is paired with lively illustrations, leading users to learn Chinese effectively through contents presented simultaneously in both visual and verbal forms.

According to the MOE, demand for e-learning has surged due to impacts of the coronavirus outbreak. Through just connecting to the internet, users can get easy access to learn Chinese phrases for daily use on Huayu 101.

In addition to Huayu 101, the Office of Global Mandarin Education (OGME) established by the MOE also offers free online learning courses for teachers and learners, including “Start From Scratch,” “Intermediate Chinese,” “FLTA Story Book Series,” “Mandarin in 300 Sentences,” and “Fall in Love With Mandarin.”

Since the Huayu 101 website went live, it has attracted almost 90,000 active users and received positive feedback from students and teachers in Taiwan and overseas.

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