Global Health and Development in Taipei Medical University

Students at Taipei Medical University’s Master Program in Global Health and Development aspire to make a difference in our world. With students gathered from all corners of the world, the program aims to cultivate outstanding global health talents for leadership and organization.

Experience TMU’s Master Program in Global Health and Development:

Ø  Small class sizes encourage discussion and exchange with direct access to instructors and professors
Ø  Professional workshops and seminars held by our international faculty and professionals in their respective field
Ø  Field studies at health institutes and organizations both local and abroad
Ø  Study abroad at one of our sister schools and gain perspective on a global scale
Ø  Scholarship opportunities and financial aid to help you achieve your goals without financial burden.

Fall Admission:
http://www.tmu.edu.tw/english/ inter/super_pages.php?ID=inter 1

TMU admission application system:
http://entero5.tmu.edu.tw/Admi ssion/

Financial Aid & Scholarships:
http://www.tmu.edu.tw/english/ inter/super_pages.php?ID=inter 9

Tuition & Fees:
http://www.tmu.edu.tw/english/ inter/super_pages.php?ID=inter 5

Master Program in Global Health and Development:
http://global.tmu.edu.tw/main. php
https://www.facebook.com/globa ltmu/

Global Health and Development
College of Public Health, Taipei Medical University
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